Warhammer 40,000

Friends and fellow gamers, welcome to the TYC Warhammer 40,000 Charity RTT 2024!

I am so honored to be organizing such a storied event for the first time. This year’s RTT will be both similar and different from past years.

We will be focused on the wonderful community that we are fortunate to be a part of and celebrate/support the wonderful charitable work we as a community have done with Toss Yer Cabers! This is an open and inclusive event for all to attend, new players and grizzled veterans alike!

We will be playing 3 rounds of 40k based off of standardized competitive missions with 2000 battle forged armies. While this is a competitive event, we will be focused on the three main areas of the hobby: Sportsmanship, Painting, and Generalship in that order!

So come out and roll your dice for a good cause with us! I am looking forward to seeing you all there.

Your grateful host,

Kasra Houshidar

Remember this is a charity event, so ‘break face’ lists are strongly discouraged. Scoring towards Best Overall is weighted evenly between Generalship, Sportsmanship and Painting, so lists that are unfun to play against will end up with penalization in the sportsmanship category, making it difficult to win the event overall.

Please be sure to read and abide by our Terms and Conditions.

If you have any questions regarding the event please reach out using the form below.