Drop in visitors are welcome at Toss Yer Cabers.  The following rules govern visitor access; please understand that we have a capacity cap on the room for our insurance so numbers must be limited.

  • You may not enter the room without purchasing a guest pass.  This includes ‘just saying hi’, ‘I’m just dropping off…’, ‘won’t be a second’, etc.; the moment you step through the doors to a Toss Yer Cabers event you are on the Toss Yer Cabers insurance, and we have a responsibility to monitor room occupancy and attendance.  There are no exceptions to this rule, I know that you may feel this is over the top but either access to the room is controlled, and we are compliant with, and can PROVE we are compliant with, the terms of our insurance, or we are not in compliance, and if anybody needs to use it, there is an issue.  This rule is to protect everyone who steps into a Toss Yer Cabers event.
  • Entrance is by donation, minimum $5; during ticket purchase you will agree to abide by the terms and conditions of the event. Visitors under 18 are free, but must be accompanied by an adult, who will supervise them at all times, per the terms and conditions.  Note that this entrance fee will be waived for volunteers, both those who work at the event, and those who contribute during the runup to the event.
  • Visitors will be provided with a numbered guest pass, that they must wear at all times when in the venue, and return upon departure.  Visitors under eight years of age do not have to wear a guest pass.
  • Visitor tickets are purchasable from the bar; please proceed directly to the bar to register as soon as you arrive.
  • No more than ten visitors may be in the room at one time.  Again, this is related to our occupancy cap and insurance.  If you arrive and there are no visitor passes available, please wait outside the room and we will see if anyone is ready to leave.  Please note there are NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule.  If you intend to arrive with a larger group, please notify us in advance at [email protected] so we can try and support that.  Visitors under eight who do not have to wear a badge still count towards the maximum of ten visitors.
  • Visitors are expected to not stay for more than two hours; this will not be policed strictly, but please be mindful of your time so that other visitors can enter the room at some point.
  • Visitors are free to purchase food, drink and swag at the bar, but may not purchase raffle tickets.