Each year at TYC we have exclusive swag available for purchase!

TYC Mini

The TYC exclusive mini was designed in collaboration with, and produced by, the amazing Ramshackle Games, who are also long term sponsors of the event.  It depicts a kilted space barbarian, tossing his space missile, or ‘caber’, if you will, and is conveniently compatible with some popular ranges of science fiction miniatures should you wish to recreate our older mascot.  One of our favorite details is that the sprue is not just wasted resin, but highly detailed gubbins you can use as basing materials, as shown in the pictures.

TYC Billboard

The TYC exclusive billboard is an amazing terrain piece, the perfect finishing touch for any game board!  Line of sight blocking, sturdy, with room for snipers atop, this will add flavor, color and a 15% higher chance of rolling a six to any table it is used on.

Foodhammer Dice

Each year there is a unique, never to be repeated, color of Foodhammer branded dice, which are (possibly) going to make their owners, more attractive, 7.5% more likely to win games, and provide a convenient conversation starter for those awkward conversations!  These little cubes of joy have been gracing the tables of Vancouver for over a decade, so make sure you don’t miss out on your chance to own this years exclusive set!