Sponsorship Opportunities

Toss Yer Cabers is only able to successfully fundraise with the support of generous sponsors who provide prizes for the raffle, terrain for the miniature battles to take place across, and help with stocking the bar. Our aim is to offer a broad range of opportunities to promote you and your products, and to facilitate this we have implemented a tiered support system for sponsors to choose from. The Bronze tier is essentially what we were offering in prior years, social media promotion, and display of logos with prizes, but the new Silver and Gold tiers are intended to provide more exposure and opportunities to connect you with attendees and the wider gaming community.

If you would like to get involved, we would love to talk to you, the best way would be to reach out via our Contact page.

We love off the wall ideas and novel ways that people like to get involved, so please message us if you have an idea you would like to discuss!

Although our sponsors are largely miniature wargaming focused, we also welcome other companies who want to contribute, and have been sponsored in past years by local construction companies and car dealerships who operate in and around Vancouver, as well as mining and financial management companies; we consider these to be Corporate Sponsors.  If you fall into this category we will  handle promotion for you somewhat differently, as our system is designed primarily to promote companies operating in the wargaming and miniature painting industries.  Please read the section on Corporate Sponsors below to learn more.

Sponsorship Tiers

We offer three different levels of engagement with sponsors, but also welcome discussion around any custom requests or ideas you might have. Each tier corresponds to the value of what is donated, in Canadian Dollars; Bronze Tier is up to $250, Silver Tier is between $250 and $500, and Gold Tier is above $500.

After the event all sponsors are contacted within one month with a letter of thanks, which details the amounts raised, charities supported, and includes links to pictures of the event, and prize winners holding their prizes and the logo of the donating company. Sponsors are welcome to use any of the images in their own social media channels and we are always willing to discuss special requests.

Some anticipated FAQs:

  • Due to the volume of generous sponsors our prior approach of doing one social media post per day per sponsor is sadly no longer viable (in 2022 we made over 60 posts!). In order to create a more manageable system we will be mentioning up to four companies who contribute at the Bronze tier per post (including their logos as images) and doing featured posts mentioning just a single sponsor at the Silver and Gold tiers.
  • Since the event has grown (and future growth is planned) we are very keen to work with sponsors who can provide tables of terrain for any game system that we can use. We have several very talented community painters who will work on them and feature them through their painting blogs and in perpetuity the table will feature two signs saying ‘donated by…’ featuring the sponsors logo and name.
  • We are now working with community members to create video content. These volunteers are professionals in the film and video editing world and we intend to have both pre- and post-event videos going forward. For Silver and Gold Tier sponsors their logos will be featured prominently with a special mention. Sponsors will be featured in the post-event video and will, if requested, be featured in the pre-event video for the following year.
  • We do not have the capability to stream the event and insert sponsors logos this year as the current venue is not good for this, but we intend to explore this for 2024.
  • Sponsored tables will feature two prominent display stands, one at each end, featuring the logo and name of the sponsor with the text ‘Table sponsored by…’; customization is entirely possible if requested.
  • Wearing of name badges is mandatory at the event by both players and volunteers and only sponsors contributing at the Gold tier will get their logos added to the Name Badges.
  • As a reminder, Toss Yer Cabers operates under the aegis of the Wargamers Without Borders Society, a Registered Society in BC, Canada. We are not yet a Registered Charity and sadly cannot provide tax receipts this year. Rest assured that the intent is to apply this year, so hopefully this will be possible in 2024.

Corporate Sponsors

Over the years we have had many generous corporate sponsors who operate in very different industries to those who usually donate prize support.  Sometimes these sponsors have donated a service (car detailing vouchers, or gift cards for example), and sometimes they have chosen to provide financial support. While we are working towards becoming a charity, we are not there yet, and still operate as a Registered Non-Profit Society, so are unable to issue tax receipts.  However, we have worked with the Lookout Society to have a page setup on Canada Gives, and any cash donations can be made through there will go directly to the Lookout Society in our name, and will generate a tax receipt.  You can find a link to this on the Donation page, accessible in the menu.

We recognize that the needs and requirements that you have may vary from our traditional sponsors, and so would like to work with you to take that into account.  If you would like to be involved, please reach out to us to discuss what promotion would best suit your needs; as a base case we would be very happy to provide all the benefits that sponsors get at our Silver Tier, and work with you to accommodate any specific requests or needs you may have.

Please note that if you choose to make a donation before messaging us, that we will NOT automatically start promoting you; we do not want to inadvertently fall foul of, for example, your social media guidelines.