Welcome to the FOURTH Epic Armageddon event at TYC! In 2024 the event will be held on Saturday June 8th; the players pack will be released approximately one month prior to the event.

Expect a revised set of deployment maps adding spice to an otherwise standard Epic Armageddon Tournament Scenario. Build your 3000pt list using NetEA-approved armies found at the Net Epic Armageddon resource page.

At least TWO units (units, not formations) in your army list should have an AA X+ shooting value on their data sheet. You will use the same army list in each game at this tournament.

If you hope to bring an experimental list or one approved by Epic-UK, contact the TO nice and early using the form below and be aware you may to be asked to play a practice match!

Please be sure to read and abide by our Terms and Conditions.