Toss Yer Cabers is held at the Bonsor Recreation Complex in Burnaby, BC, located at 6550 Bonsor Avenue, Burnaby, BC, V5H 3G4.

Metrotown Mall is just across the road, so there are hobby shops and a large food court within walking distance.

There are good public transit links with skytrain and buses, just google and plan accordingly.  

Parking can be a little challenging, this is a busy sports and recreation centre.  There are two parking lots, one to the northeast and one to the southwest of the building.  Both can be used, but they can get quite busy.  There is some on street parking, but you have to move your vehicle every two hours, so that is not the best solution.  There is public parking at Metrotown, just off Bennet Street, in a multi-story.

Important:  Event Entrance

Bonsor would strongly prefer if you could access the event and venue using the exterior concrete stairs to the right of the main entrance, at the top and to the right of which there are glass doors through which you can enter.  If you require access to an elevator, then you may enter through the main doors and use the elevator at the back of the hall.