Horus Heresy

We at the Brotherhood of The Board would like to welcome everyone to the first annual Horus Heresy “Chads without dads”!

On June 9th we (with the gracious help of TYC) are hosting a Horus Heresy 1 day gaming event.

This is a BEER & PRETZELS EVENT. There will be no prizes for “best general” or “most wins” BUT we will be doing a “best painted custom character”. So bring 3K of your best painted(at least 3 colours) and based armies WITHOUT PRIMARCHS to do battle across a war torn planet in a desperate bid to take and hold precious resources away from the enemy!

No other limitations on Force Org. is being put in place outside of no Primarchs, we will be using a mixture of official and fan made scenarios.

The players packs will be released approximately one month Prior to the event.

Please be sure to read and abide by our Terms and Conditions.

If you have any questions regarding the event please reach out using the form below.