Toss Yer Cabers is proud to be the new host of Vancouver’s longest running charity wargaming event, the event that directly inspired the TYC organizers to start their own community work, Foodhammer!  Foodhammer raised over $40,000 for food related charities operating across the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley, operating between 2011 and 2019 before temporarily shuttering to give the organizers a well deserved break. Foodhammer blazed the trail for charity wargaming events in and around Vancouver, and it is with great pride that we welcome Chris and the other organizers to join us.  As part of this partnership, we will be supporting a food related charity this year as well, in addition to our focus on homelessness organizations.

The 40K event this year is on Saturday, June 10th, at the Croatian Cultural Centre. The schedule is:

  • Registration – 0930-1000
  • Round One – 1000-1230
  • Lunch – 1230-1330
  • Round Two – 1330-1600
  • Break – 1600-1630
  • Round Three – 1630-1900
  • Prizes, Speeches, etc. – 1930

Please follow this link to access the Players Pack.

Warhammer 40k Army Guidelines


    • 2023 CA Arks of Omen Matched Play Format
    • Awards: Overall, General, Favourite Opponent, and Favourite Army
    • 3 Rounds of 2.5 hour timed games
    • Event managed via Best Coast Pairings App
    • Toss Yer Cabers Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) enforced
  • Fully painted models required and enforced
  • Army Roster in ITC format – submit before June 1st
  • Must come prepared with relevant rules, dice, etc


  • Rules cut off dates:
    • June 1st:  The latest Rules and Errata released before this date are in play
    • June 1st: GW clarifications/errata/rulings that have no effect on roster legality may be used
      at TO discretion


Army Selection Rules:

  • Battle Size: Strike Force (1750 points or less)
  • Follow Muster Army from Chapter Approved Arks of Omen, using the Arks Of Omen detachment.
  • Follow Highlander rules for all army construction, including the AOO detachment

Highlander Rules – THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE!

  • No data sheet may be taken more than once, except the following exceptions: 
  • Troops battlefield role datasheets are exempt.  Not everyone has models for every troop datasheet.
  • If every other data sheet from a book is taken once, then duplicates are allowed. This is intended to ensure certain newer armies with limited data sheets are still playable.  
  • The same three models in a squadron are allowed. This is one dataslate. 

Army Roster notation details

  • Warlord, Relics, Psychic powers etc must be indicated on roster
  • Stratagems used at selection must be noted
  • Army rosters must follow one of the two formats defined by ITC and Best Coast Pairings – LINK HERE
  • In order to participate in the event without penalty, your army roster must be submitted to Best Coast pairings before June 1st
  • Organizers will review rosters and may request corrections to be made before end of day on June 9th


  • Fully painted and modeled armies are required
  • Cannot infringe on IP from another company – don’t make your Orks look like Trollbloods!
  • Kitbashing and converting with bits to make your army pop is always applauded and cool to see! However, proxying with complete aftermarket or 3D printed models is not allowed, except for dire circumstances where TO is notified and they give their permission. This includes “counts as” armies.  Deadline May 1st for exceptional circumstance application.
  • Models are expected to be WYSIWYG for the purposes of wound allocation, range measurement and ease of play
  • Easily identifiable, visual differentiation expected for armies which mix similar units with different keywords

Remember this is a charity event, so ‘break face’ lists are strongly discouraged. Scoring towards Best Overall is weighted evenly between Generalship, Sportsmanship and Painting, so lists that are unfun to play against will end up with penalization in the sportsmanship category, making it difficult to win the event overall.



Should you have any questions please send an email to [email protected].

Please be sure to read and abide by our Terms and Conditions.